Autumn Winds Mischief Managed at Szep Tars

(GCH. Szep Tars Push the Beat at Autumn Winds x Budagyongye Emerald Varazslo)

Gryffin 2 c


Gryffin is a very special young dog.  One of the sweetest Kuvasz we’ve had, he loves life and people, especially children, and is simply a joy to live with.  He is a nice moderate young dog with good size and bone but not overdone.  We look forward to a future of shows, performance events, and hopefully therapy work.  For now we are mostly just enjoying having him as a pet while we wait for him to mature, but he will be out at the occasional show as he has already shown he can succeed in tough competition.


Gryffin head cGryffin flying catch cGryffin head 2 c

Gryffin head 8 wks f

Kinzi & Gryffin cGryffin stacked 13 wks c