Ch. Szep Tars Pacific Jewel, RN, CGC

(Ch. Szumeria’s Mythical Image, RN, OD x Telperion Blue Moon)

Juli log

Juli is the queen here at Szep Tars.  She was the only female in a litter of 10 where her reign began, telling her brothers what to do and when it was ok to do it.  She has great type, very nice clean movement and the sweetest personality.  She never did enjoy the show ring so after finishing her championship she stayed home guarding our family.  She is a complete cuddle bug and now that she’s a little older she loves to spend time lazing away the days on our bed.  She is great with the puppies here as well, where “Auntie Juli” teaches the young dogs the ropes and how Kuvasz life should be lived.


juliwet4moP4180006Ch Szep Tars Pacific Jewel - M&T Ginther