CH Double Ring Force of Nature at Szep Tars, CA, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP

(Ch. Double Ring Moonlight Serenade x Ch. Cezar Harcos V.D. Viersenhoeve)

Terra on log framed

Terra is our amazing young dog co-owned by her breeders, Chuck & Kathy Ringering of Double Ring Kuvasz in MO.  She is extremely outgoing and thinks all the world is her playground.  She loves to go everywhere with us, and if she gets out the front door you can easily catch up with her at the side door of the van where she’ll be waiting to see where we are going to take her.  In the Summer of 2011 Terra made breed history as the first Kuvasz to have passed her Coursing Ability test and earned the CA title.  The C.A.T is a 600 yard sprint where the dogs chase a lure (plastic bag on a line run by a pulley) around turns and on straightaways and they must run the entire 600 years in under 2 minutes.  Terra likes to chase more than a lot of Kuvasz so this event was perfect for her, but her Kuvasz guarding instincts were definitely not left behind.  She had to know where her people were before she ran and eagerly came back to check on them when she was done.  The same summer Terra earned her AKC championship.  All of this, just 6 months after having 9 puppies.  With Terra’s zest for life, excellent health and athleticism it’s not enough for her to hang out at home so she has been in training for other performance events and earned her Novice Preferred standard and Jumpers titles. December of 2012 she started jumping full height and in 2013 she earned both Novice titles and her Open Standard title.  Terra continues to love Agility and in 2014 earned her Open Jumpers title, Excellent Jumpers title and started getting qualifying legs on her Excellent Standard Title.  In 2015 she earned her Standard Excellent title and earned several qualifying scores toward her Master Jumpers titles.  Terra ended 2014 and 2015 as the Tope Kuvasz in Agility.  Do to other life commitments we’ve had to take a break in competition but she hopes to be back in the ring soon.

Here is an early video of her in competition.  We will keep you posted on her new adventures.

Fall of 2012–here is Terra earning her first Novice standard leg. She had a perfect 100 score and her running time was 18 seconds under the standard course time.

Terra 12 week movingTerra at the beach  Terra deception pass 4-10

Terra on couch 12-08