The Kuvasz

Flurry 2Kuvasz are a Hungarian flock guarding breed of great intelligence.  They are determined, courageous, and curious.  Kuvasz range between 26-30 inches tall and 70-115 pounds.  Their beautiful, white coat should be of medium length and medium coarseness.  It’s formed of waves and curls of varying degrees and sheds profusely.  They have dark brown eyes and their skin is heavily pigmented, the more slate grey or black the better.  It is said that the head is the most beautiful part of the Kuvasz.  The head is wedge shaped and framed by V-shaped ears set fairly high on the head.  They should be athletic and powerful.

Kuvasz are not a breed for everyone.  They like to be in charge and will challenge the authority of their human companions regularly.  Due to their guarding instincts, they require a lot of socialization when young or they can become either overly aggressive or overly fearful.  Primarily a one-family dog, potential owners should be prepared to keep and care for their dog for the dog’s entire life (11-14 years), although many rescue Kuvasz are re-homed with great success.  Typically, Kuvasz are very good with children, especially when raised with them, and they require no specific training to become an excellent guard.Juli log

Kuvasz make great pet and show dogs.  They have also been successful at obedience, agility, and tracking, although these performance events require more work and training with a Kuvasz than breeds who do not need to think for themselves.  Although many titles have been given to Kuvasz, it’s a rare Kuvasz that frequently takes highest score in trial.  Their free thinking ability is what makes the breed able to guard well and make good decisions on their own.


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